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Host an outdoor ceremony at the Eagle Lake Amphitheater for an unforgettable nuptial. Say your vows at the lake as guests look on unobstructed beneath a canopy of trees. You and your spouse will have the most enchanting wedding amid this distinctive setting. With such a beautiful amphitheater you cannot go wrong with decorations. For the couple who loves nature, Eagle Lake amphitheater is a must.


Cocktail hour

Start your reception with a cocktail hour that builds upon the excitement and natural beauty of the nuptials. The Estate hosts several localities for mingling with your guests. Come explore them all. Opportunities abound to pose for photographs throughout the venue.

Reception Patio


The banquette area adjoins the building and accommodates up to 180 guests. Musicians and DJ's will come alive in the Bunker Room as they energize your party.  The unique quality of the underground compound assures a lively atmosphere for singing and dancing and acoustic dampening to both hoopla and converse.

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We've got you covered!

There would be no lake or gardens without inclement weather. Eagle Lake is prepared. Ask about our inclement weather packages and keep your faith in mother nature.

A venue for the day

Make a day of it. The venue opens at 8 am and closes at 11 pm. It's yours for the entire day. Come early and enjoy some relaxing hours before your guests arrive.


Complimentary Pre-Wedding Rehearsal and Photo Opportunities

We welcome you to schedule time to rehearse your ceremony before your big day. You and your photographer can begin your wedding preparations with photo sessions any available day before the event.

Open Season and Rates

Eagle Lake's wedding season spans the third weekend of April through the second weekend in November and is closed for the winter. The wedding couple rents the venue exclusively for the day and provides their own catering options from out list of preferred vendors. Hours are 8 am through 11 pm.

Rental Rates

Includes the sole use of the venue with tables/chairs. (Food, dishware, linens, service and entertainment not included.) 

For Maximum Comfort Party Size is limited to 180 

  • Prices listed are for Parties of 101 to 180
    • Parties of 51 to 100 Deduct $800
    • Parties of 50 or less Deduct $1000


  • 2019 All Season Rates
    • All remaining Saturdays: Now Just $4990 
    • Friday/Sunday: Now Just $4990
    • Monday through Thursday: $4290


2020 rates contain expanded inclement weather options as part of the basic package for parties over 100.

  • 2020 Regular Season Rates
    • Saturday: $7690
    • Friday/Sunday: $6490
    • Monday through Thursday: $5290
  • 2020 Premium Rates
    • Spring: May 15th through June 7th
    • Fall: September 18th through October 11th
      • Saturday: $8690
      • Friday/Sunday: $7490

What is included:

  1. Exclusive use of the Estate from 8 am through 11 pm
  2. Your own private salon with changing room, lounge, bathroom and more.
  3. Separate grooms suite with lounge, big screen tv, changing room bathroom and shower.
  4. A kitchenette area for your bridal party
  5. The Eagle Lake ceremony amphitheater
  6. Koi and Sky Garden cocktail area
  7. Our beautiful 3000 square foot elegantly lined and tented reception patio with dance floor, buffet and bar area.
  8. All your tables and chairs
  9. Plenty of bathrooms for your guests
  10. Caterers setup and operating area.
  11. Our beach, dock and boats
  12. A fire pit with wood
  13. Golf Cart shuttle service to move guests with disabilities and others through the gardens and up to our rooftop overlook.
  14. Staff to assure the venue stays in order.
  15. Toiletries, garbage and recycling bins
  16. Inclement weather additions for your cocktail hour (included in 2020 only, optional extra for 2019)
  17. Fans, both outdoors and inside to keep your guests cool. AC and heat in the bunker.
  18. Side panels and heat in the tented patio area when necessary
  19. Taxes and Estate Service

What is not included:

  1. Food, catering and entertainment. See our list of caterers by clicking on the vendors tab. Discuss your preferences and schedule a tasting. Each offers their own unique approach and personality, all are wonderful. Costs run between $50 and $100 per plate, you hire them directly.
  2. Linens and flatware. Your caterer includes this with their price.
  3. Alcohol. You provide this and your caterer will serve. We recommend ShopRite Liquors in Pennington, a local distributor who will deliver and return unopened bottles. They also offer bartenders if your caterer can not.
  4. Officiant
  5. Flowers (Eagle Lake is so beautiful this is an option you don't have to include)

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